Who is the CEO of Energy Australia?

EnergyAustralia appoints Mark Collette as new CEO, replacing Catherine Tanna.

Who is the owner of EnergyAustralia?

Mark Collette. Mark was appointed EnergyAustralia’s Managing Director in July 2021. Mark joined the organisation in 2003 and has deep executive experience in both the retail and wholesale energy markets. Prior to his appointment as MD he served as Chief Customer Officer from May 2019.

Where is EnergyAustralia head office?

AGL and Energy Australia are two of Australia’s biggest energy retailers, serving a combined 5.3 million customers across the nation, but even though Energy Australia has only half of AGL’s customer base, it still provides some fierce competition.

Is EnergyAustralia owned by Chinese?

EnergyAustralia (formerly TRUenergy) is an electricity generation, electricity and gas retailing private company in Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based and listed CLP Group.

Is Diamond Energy Australian owned?

First established in 2004, Diamond Energy is a privately owned power generator and retailer supplying sustainable power from renewable sources to Australian consumers. The company is partly Australian owned.

Who is the CEO of Origin Energy?

Frank Calabria (Oct 19, 2016–)
Origin Energy/Генеральный директор
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