What is the fastest growing state in Australia?

WA is Australia’s fastest growing state, growing at more than twice the national growth rate, twice the rate of Victoria and almost three times that of NSW.

Which city is the fastest growing in Australia?

People living in the capitals increased by 303,100 people or 1.8%. Capital city growth accounted for 79% of total population growth. Melbourne (113,500) and Sydney (87,100) had the largest growth.

These are Australia’s fastest growing areas.

Population change by capital city Total capital cities

What is the fastest growing city in Australia 2021?

Canberra stood out as the fastest-growing Australian city and the country’s only city in the top 20 — occupying the 17th spot — having recorded an annual growth rate of 15.7 per cent. During the previous quarter, the capital city ranked a much lower 56th, with its growth rate at just 6.6 per cent.

What is the fastest growing state in 2020?

Idaho was the fastest-growing state in the nation between April, 2020, and July, 2021 – its population rose by 2.9%. Utah, Montana, Arizona and Nevada also cracked the top 10 list of fastest-growing states. Even Wyoming, which has long struggled with population declines, added about 1,900 new residents.

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What is the fastest growing state?

The 2020 Census was recently released, labeling Idaho as the fastest growing state in the United States.

Will Perth overtake Brisbane population?

Sydney, which remains Australia’s most populous capital, saw an increase in its population of 57,100 people to reach 5.37 million. Brisbane grew by 46,900 people and Perth by 37,600 people.

Brisbane and Perth have highest growth rates.

Capital city Brisbane
Change over 2019-20 Number 46,900
Per cent 1.9
Population at 30 Jun 2020 Number 2,560,700

What is the fastest growing suburb in Australia?

With this knowledge let’s cast out eye over the country’s top 10 best-performing growth suburbs, based on year-on-year performance.

  • Blacktown, New South Wales 2148. …
  • Urunga, New South Wales 2455. …
  • Blackburn, Victoria, 3130. …
  • Wonthaggi, Victoria 3995. …
  • East Devonport, Tasmania 7310. …
  • Orange, NSW, 2800. …
  • Temora, New South Wales 2666.

Is Perth bigger than Adelaide?

As recently as 1980, Perth was a smaller city than Adelaide, but it now has a population more than 500,000 higher (43% higher).

Is Adelaide bigger than Melbourne?

For example, Victoria is the smallest mainland state but is the second most populous, and the area includes one of the country’s most populated cities, Melbourne.


Name 2021 Population
Melbourne 4,246,375
Brisbane 2,189,878
Perth 1,896,548
Adelaide 1,225,235

What’s the smallest city in Australia?

And I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to say I’ve visited, and spent the night in, Australia’s smallest town. Cooladdi is about 10 hours’ drive west of Brisbane — between Quilpie and Charleville in south-west Queensland — and is home to just three people.

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What are the slowest growing states?

States experiencing their slowest decade of growth ever were Illinois, Connecticut, and six others: Missouri (0.27%), Wisconsin (0.36%), California (0.60%), Hawaii (0.68%), Arizona (1.13%), and Florida (1.37%).

What state is losing population the fastest?

1. West Virginia

  • Population loss: 12,144 people.
  • Population: 1.8 million.
  • Percent of population: 0.67%

Is Oregon’s population growing?

Population growth is driven by births, deaths, and migration. Oregon experienced negative “natural increase” over the past year — 2,210 more deaths than births. Therefore, population growth was driven entirely by net migration of new residents to the state (around 25,000 moved to Oregon during the last year).