Quick Answer: What are two countries located near Australia?

How many countries are around Australia?

So officially it’s clear to see that there are 3 countries in Australia(Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea).

What countries is Australia between?

Australia is separated from Indonesia to the northwest by the Timor and Arafura seas, from Papua New Guinea to the northeast by the Coral Sea and the Torres Strait, from the Coral Sea Islands Territory by the Great Barrier Reef, from New Zealand to the southeast by the Tasman Sea, and from Antarctica in the far south …

Where is near to Australia?

Australia’s neighboring countries are Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor to the north; New Zealand to the southeast, and Vanuatu and Solomon Islands to the northeast.

What country is Australia’s closest Neighbour?

Papua New Guinea is Australia’s closest neighbour (roughly 3.75 km separates the two countries at Saibai Island) and a former colony of Australia.

What are the 3 countries in Australia?

This includes mainland Australia, Tasmania, and the island of New Guinea, which comprises Papua New Guinea and Western New Guinea (Papua and West Papua, provinces of Indonesia).

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What are the 14 countries in Australia?

The Oceania region includes 14 countries: Australia, Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Is New Zealand in Australia?

As you can see then, New Zealand is not physically part of Australia but separated from Australia by the Tasman Sea. The distance between Australia and New Zealand is approximately 1,500km (932 miles) at the closest point between the Australian island state of Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island.

Where does New Zealand located?

What cities are near Australia?

Major cities near Sydney, Australia

  • 68 km to Wollongong, Australia.
  • 117 km to Newcastle, Australia.
  • 250 km to Canberra, Australia.
  • 682 km to Gold Coast, Australia.
  • 715 km to Logan City, Australia.
  • 725 km to Melbourne, Australia.
  • 731 km to Brisbane, Australia.
  • 821 km to Sunshine Coast, Australia.

What are the 5 closest countries to Australia?

Australia shares maritime borders with East Timor, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia (France). Australia’s general geographical features.

What are the 3 closest countries to Australia?

The countries which neighbour Australia are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand.

Is Singapore near Australia?

Singapore is located around 6215 KM away from Australia so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Australia in 124.31 hours.

What are the 10 closest countries to Australia?

Maps include:

  • New Zealand.
  • Timor – Leste (East Timor)
  • Papua New Guinea.
  • New Caledonia.
  • The Solomon Islands.
  • Indonesia.
  • Singapore.
  • Fiji.
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