Quick Answer: Is Western Star butter made in Australia?

Where is Western Star butter manufactured?

Expertly crafted at Cobden, Western Victoria, from only two natural ingredients, cream and salt.

Is Western Star butter Australian owned and made?

Western Star

Award winning butter and spreads, proudly made with Australian dairy. Trusted by generations of Australians.

What butter is made in Australia?

Best Butter. Here are the best brands for butter in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s latest review: Duck River. ALDI Beautifully Butterfully.

Where does butter come from in Australia?

A majority, around 85%, of the 42,000 tonnes of butter and butteroil imported into Australia came from New Zealand. Most remaining butter was sourced from various European countries.

Are Western Star trucks made in Australia?

Whether they’re in the middle of North America or the middle of the Australian Outback, Western Star trucks can be counted on to perform. All of our trucks are proudly built in both in Portland, Oregon and Cleveland, North Carolina.

Is Mainland butter Australian owned?

Mainland Cheese is a brand of cheese now owned by Fonterra Co-operative Group that is sold throughout Australasia and parts of the Americas. It began as a family business in the South Island of New Zealand (which is jocularly known as the “mainland” of New Zealand because it is larger than the North Island).

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Who owns Fonterra Australia?

Fonterra Brands Australia Pty Ltd

Fonterra Brands Australia Pty Ltd AUS website
Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd owns 100% of Fonterra Brands Australia Pty Ltd NZL website

Is Ferguson Valley Milk Australian owned?

Family owned WA dairy farm celebrates 100 years of milking

In winter and spring, the Ferguson Valley is the closest thing to the rolling hills of England.

Does Western Star use palm oil?

Fonterra has also confirmed that its Western Star spread range may contain palm oil. Nuttelex’s main ingredient is sunflower oil but it does also contain a small amount of palm oil.

Where is Aldi butter made?


Even though Aldi’s butter is organic, we thought it was best to know for sure where the butter was sourced from and whether it come from pasture fed cows. After lots of phone calls, Aldi revealed that the butter was from New Zealand but their exact source was ‘confidential.

Where is lurpak butter made?

Lurpak® is produced at the Arla Foods dairy “Holstebro Smør” in the Jutlandian town of Holstebro. Lurpak® is sold worldwide, and is often served in small flight packages onboard airplanes.

Where is Aldi butter from?

Aldi butter is a less tasty substitute for the real thing

Although it does, indeed, originate in Ireland, it’s worth noting the product only contains 80 percent butterfat, putting it below the magic Kerrygold amount.

Is Western Star real butter?

Western Star Original Salted Butter is ideal for savoury cooking and baking. Expertly crafted from natural ingredients. Our story began in Victoria in 1926 when the leading butter makers in the Western District came together to create Western Star.

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Is Meadow Lea Australian owned?

Meadow Lea is one of Australia’s leading brands of polyunsaturated margarine spreads, founded in Sydney by 1932 and owned since 1986 by the Australasian food company Goodman Fielder.

Is Western Star original soft butter?

Our original and creamiest spreadable

We’ve taken the five-star Western Star taste you know and love and made it soft and spreadable. Ideal for sandwiches, toast, pancakes and more.