Quick Answer: Are NZ road rules the same as Australia?

New Zealand’s road rules are very similar to those in Australia. In addition to driving on the left-hand side of the road and giving way to all oncoming traffic from the right, you must adhere to the speed limit at all times and not drive under the influence of alcohol.

Can you drive in Australia with a New Zealand restricted licence?

In Australia, you can drive on your NZ license for up to 3 months. Then you will need to transfer your New Zealand driver’s licence to an Australian licence in order to drive legally.

What is different about driving in New Zealand?

we drive on the left-hand side of the road. it’s easy to underestimate travelling times. our roads are narrower, more winding and sometimes steeper than you might expect. our roads are mostly two-way, with one lane in each direction – we have few motorways.

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How are New Zealand and Australia different?

The differences continue with size, while Australia has a population of around 25 million, little New Zealand has just4. … The climates of both countries are different – New Zealand is more temperate, while Australia has more extreme temperatures – but both have a wonderful outdoors culture.

What are the road rules in New Zealand?

The 14 Golden Rules of Driving in New Zealand

  • Keep Left! Drive on the left-hand side of the road in New Zealand. …
  • Seat Belt Fastened! Everyone in your vehicle must wear a seat belt at all time. …
  • Respect the Speed Limit! …
  • Slow Down Before Corners! …
  • STOP! …
  • Check for Traffic! …
  • Pass with Care! …
  • Rest!

Can I renew my NZ drivers Licence in Australia?

Renewing or replacing your New Zealand driver licence while overseas. You can’t renew or upgrade your driver licence from overseas. … You can also get a replacement driver licence from overseas if your licence is due to expire, or has been expired for less than 12 months, and you want to extend the expiry date.

How can I move to Australia from New Zealand?

New Zealand citizens can simply pack and move to Australia without applying for any type of visa. On arrival a “Special Category Visa” is allotted to all New Zealand Passport holders electronically when they pass through Australian Border Control. However there are some exceptions.

Can I drive in NZ on Australian PS?

Australian drivers licence: full or provisional (P) licence

If you hold a current Australian drivers licence then you can drive in New Zealand for up to one year without needing to do anything else. You must carry your licence with you at all times while driving.

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What side of the road do Australians drive on?

Unlike 66% of the world’s population, Australians abide by left-hand traffic laws. That also means the steering wheels in vehicles are on the right-hand side, so the driver is closer to the centre of the road.

What side of the road do they drive on in Australia and New Zealand?

Correct. Like the UK, Australia and Japan, New Zealanders drive right-hand drive cars on the left-hand side of the road.

Why is the flag of New Zealand and Australia so similar?

Why do New Zealand and Australia use a similar pattern of stars on their flags? Both Australia and New Zealand chose the Southern Cross constellation for their flags. … The colours of the stars on both flags were chosen to complement the colours of the Union Jack shown in the top left-hand corner of both flags.

Is New Zealand accent same as Australian?

Difference Between New Zealand and Australian Accents

The main difference between the two accents is vowel pronunciation. Australian vowels are drawn out while New Zealanders switch such vowels as ‘I’ for something like a ‘u’. An example is pronouncing “fush instead of fish”.

Are New Zealand and Australia on the same continent?

Australia and New Zealand are part of the Oceania continent, and are on separate tectonic plates to Asia. That’s why when people talk about the two countries, they may not think of them as being part of Asia. But they are an integral part of the Asia-Pacific region, also known as Apac.

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Can you drive barefoot in NZ?

There is no law banning barefoot driving, or driving with jandals, but it is illegal to drive a vehicle ‘in a manner which could cause injury to any person’. Both the AA and NZ Police agree that jandals have no grip so there’s a risk the foot could slip moving between the accelerator and brake pedals.

Is NZ road code a law?

The New Zealand Road Code is the official road safety manual for New Zealand published by NZ Transport Agency. It is a guide to safe driving practices and traffic law in New Zealand, and is also the basis for theory and practical driving tests.

Can you be on Facetime while driving?

It is illegal to use you phone while you’re driving, and these apps shouldn’t need you to interact with them while you’re on the road. They simply need to be running in the background.