Can I renew my New Zealand drivers Licence in Australia?

Renewing or replacing your New Zealand driver licence while overseas. You can’t renew or upgrade your driver licence from overseas. … You can also get a replacement driver licence from overseas if your licence is due to expire, or has been expired for less than 12 months, and you want to extend the expiry date.

How do I renew my NZ drivers licence in Australia?

The renewal process

  1. fill out an application form [PDF, 197 KB]
  2. present evidence of your identity.
  3. prove your eyesight meets the required standard.
  4. provide a medical certificate (if required)
  5. let the agent take your photo and signature.
  6. pay the renewal application fee.

Where can I renew my NZ drivers licence?

To get or renew your driver licence or a licence endorsement you need to apply in person at a Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency driver licensing agent. Our agents are: The Automobile Association (AA) – most AA offices. Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VTNZ) – selected VTNZ stations.

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How do I transfer my NZ licence to Australian?

No matter where in Australia you are residing, the basic process involves making an appointment with the roads authority. At the appointment (which you must attend in person), you need to provide your New Zealand driver’s licence, a completed licence transfer form and some identification.

Is NZ drivers licence valid in Australia?

Yes, a New Zealand license can be used for driving in Australia and is only valid for three months, after that you’ll need to get an Australian licence for the state you are in.

What happens if my driving Licence is out of date?

If more than two years has passed since your driving licence expired, you may be made to retake your driving test in order to get a new licence. This is especially the case if your licence has expired due to age (driving licences need to be renewed when you reach seventy years of age) or for medical reasons.

Can I convert my NZ driving Licence to UK?

To exchange your license, the process is pretty simple. You will need to complete an application form. This is available online at or via most post offices. Return it to the DVLA along with your license and the standard £50 fee for exchanging licenses.

Can I renew my license online?

Answer 2: Yes, the customer can renew the licence online after making sure that all the details of the traffic file are updated on the traffic system according to the new residence visa.

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Can I renew my driving licence before it expires?

You can apply in advance of the expiry date if you like. The new licence will be valid from the date your application is approved instead of the expiry date of your current licence.

Can I transfer my NZ restricted licence in Australia?

In Australia, you can drive on your NZ license for up to 3 months. Then you will need to transfer your New Zealand driver’s licence to an Australian licence in order to drive legally.

Can I convert my driving license in Australia?

General Rules For Converting Your Overseas Driver License To An Australian One. You will need to convert your overseas driver license within 3 months of arriving in Australia to live, or within 3 months of being granted your resident visa if already living in Australia.

Is my driver’s license valid in Australia?

It remains current; You aren’t disqualified from driving while you’re in Australia; Your license isn’t suspended or cancelled; and, You remain a temporary visitor.

Is driving in New Zealand the same as Australia?

New Zealand’s road rules are very similar to those in Australia. In addition to driving on the left-hand side of the road and giving way to all oncoming traffic from the right, you must adhere to the speed limit at all times and not drive under the influence of alcohol.

Can I transfer my car to Australia?

You need to apply for Vehicle Import Approval (VIA). The applicant for VIA must be a citizen or resident of Australia. The shipper must prove they have owned the vehicle for a 12-month period or longer. All vehicles imported into Australia are subject to import duty taxes and GST.

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