Your question: Can I use my UK driving license in Australia?

You can drive in Australia using your UK driving licence as long as you remain a temporary overseas visitor; your UK licence is valid; you haven’t been disqualified from driving anywhere; and your licence is not suspended or cancelled, or your visiting driving privileges withdrawn.

Is my driver’s license valid in Australia?

It remains current; You aren’t disqualified from driving while you’re in Australia; Your license isn’t suspended or cancelled; and, You remain a temporary visitor.

Do I need an international license to drive in Australia?

If your licence is not written in English, you must also carry an English translation or an International Driving Permit. If you are a permanent Australian resident, or hold a permanent visa under the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958, and you intend to stay in NSW, you are not considered to be a visitor.

Can I buy a car in Australia with a UK licence?

You’ll need a license of some sort to operate a vehicle in Australia. Foreigners with English language licenses may legally use them for up to three months from their date of arrival. Afterwards, they’re required to apply for an Australian driver’s card.

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Which country driving Licence is valid in Australia?

Many European countries recognise Australian licences, but you’ll need an International Driving Permit for Austria, Greece, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Armenia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania.

How can a foreigner get a driver’s license in Australia?

What you need

  1. your proof of identity.
  2. your overseas licence. if not in English, a Transport for NSW-approved translation is required. …
  3. your proof of Australian permanent residency.
  4. your payment.
  5. the PDF form – ‘Licence Application’.

How long can I use my UK driving Licence in Australia?

If you intend to stay in Australia and you hold a permanent visa, you can drive using your UK licence for a maximum of 3 months. To continue driving, you must get a local licence within this 3 month period. You must carry your driving licence and passport when driving.

Can I use international driving license in NSW?

You can drive in NSW on a current overseas licence for a maximum of three months. Then you will need to apply for a NSW licence to continue driving or riding.

Can I use my international license in NSW?

You can use your interstate or overseas driver or rider licence – as long as it’s current and you follow NSW road rules.

Can I use my UK provisional license in Australia?

You can drive in Australia using your UK driving licence as long as your licence is valid and is not suspended, expired or cancelled. A learner’s permit, provisional or probationary licence is not accepted. … After that, you will need to apply for your Australian driver’s licence.

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Can a non resident buy a car in Australia?

Yes, tourists buy cars all the time in Australia.

Is driving in Australia the same as UK?

Driving in Australia is quite similar to driving in the UK. We both drive on the left hand side of the road. … With our smaller population, wide roads and plenty of open space, you might even prefer driving here!