You asked: What does Australian Open ground pass include?

What does a Ground Pass include? Ground pass ticket holders can access all areas of the AO precinct, including John Cain Arena, Court 1, Court 3, 1573 Arena and other outdoor courts (entry will be limited to daily availability), with the exception of ticketed arena venues, or separately ticketed events or experiences.

What is a tennis ground pass?

A grounds pass (which allows you access to all courts except Ashe), is a great deal, certainly the most economical way to spend a day at the Open. But for a few dollars more, you can grab a reserved seat in tennis’ most magnificent stadium, where the sport’s most magnificent stars display their most magnificent moves.

How much is a ground pass at the Australian Open?

Tickets for the JCA zone (formerly Melbourne Arena) will replace the popular Australian Open ground pass for 2021, with prices starting from the AO 2020 ground pass cost of $49 for weekdays, $59 for weekends and $39 for children and concessions.

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What ground is Australian Open?

Courts. The Australian Open is played at Melbourne Park, which is located in the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct; the event moved to this site in 1988.

What does ground pass include Wimbledon?

Using a Grounds pass, you can watch Wimbledon live at all the outside courts, i.e. those other than Centre Court, Court 1 and Court 2. Fans who have tickets for these three show-courts are encouraged to deposit these tickets into a box at the time of leaving Wimbledon, especially if they are leaving early.

How much are tickets for the Open?

The average price for a seat at a US Open Tennis Championship event is $358.62.

Are there ground passes at Australian Open 2021?

Grounds Pass Price

A Ground Pass allows patrons access to the Australian Open arena and to the unreserved section of all courts other than the show-courts, i.e. other than the Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena. A full-day grounds pass for day one of the Australian Open on January 20, costs AUD 49/person.

What are the dates for the Australian Open 2021?

Feb 8, 2021 – Feb 21, 2021
Открытый чемпионат Австралии по теннису 2021/Дата
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