Why is DayZ banned in Australia?

Multiplayer zombie survival game DayZ has been banned from release in Australia, due to the the Australian Classification Board’s refusal to classify the title. … However, the Classification Board refusing to give the title an age rating means it’s unable to have a physical release in Australia.

Why did Australia ban DayZ?

DayZ has been re-approved for release in Australia as a result of modifications made to the survival shooter by developer Bohemia Interactive, according to a report from Kotaku Australia. The game had been banned by the Australian Classification Board (ACB) for including cannabis as a beneficial consumable item.

Is DayZ banned in Australia?

The physical version of Zombie survival game DayZ has been banned in Australia. “This means that the game cannot be sold, hired, advertised, or legally imported into Australia,” Ms Anderson said. The game is available to play online, but a physical version was set for release in Australia.

Why are games banned in Australia?

Originally, video games in Australia only be rated up to MA15+. … Games may still be Refused Classification if deemed to contain material unsuitable for R18+ classification, such as depictions of sexual violence or the promotion of illegal drug use, as well as drug use that is related to incentives and rewards.

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Is DayZ popular in Australia?

After the surprise banning of DayZ’s physical sale, and the Classification Board’s decision to overrule the existing MA15+ rating, one of the most popular survival games of the decade suddenly found itself removed from sale in Australia on all platforms.

Where is DayZ banned?

Multiplayer zombie survival game DayZ has been banned from release in Australia, due to the the Australian Classification Board’s refusal to classify the title.

Are there Australian servers for DayZ?

PS4 PLAYERS: Today we will start moving 8 Australian servers for PlayStation 4, to a new machine. Your characters, in-game stashes and bases should not be affected.

Is GTA V banned in Australia?

GTA V Has Been Banned From Australian Retailers Because Of ‘Sexual Violence’ Petition. In an online petition on Change.org, three women who claim to be survivors of sexual violence made statements against the popular GTA V game over a year after its release.

Is GTA 3 banned in Australia?

Grand Theft Auto 3 is now officially banned in Australia, following a second analysis by the OFLC’s Classification Review Board. The game will be removed from retail shelves and it is now illegal for it to be offered for sale.

What things are banned in Australia?

Weird Australian Laws

  • It is illegal to wear hot pink hot pants after midday on a Sunday.
  • It’s an offence to possess 50kgs of potatoes in Western Australia.
  • Taxi cabs in Queensland are required to carry a bale of hay in the trunk.
  • Bars are required to stable, water and feed the horses of their patrons.
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What are the best DayZ servers?

[Top 10] Best DayZ Servers That Are Fun (2020 Edition)

  • SOS Servers. …
  • Trump’s Wall Server(s) …
  • The Round Table. …
  • Iron Curtain. …
  • UK Rebellion. …
  • Official DayZ Vanilla Servers. …
  • DayZ Underground. Official server logo. …
  • DayZ Colony. Advertisement for just one of the many different events players on this server take part of.

How do you change your name on Survivor DayZ?

If you just play DayZ straight through steam:

  1. right click DayZ in your library.
  2. select properties.
  3. click the Launch Parameters button.
  4. type “-name=YourName” without the quotes and change YourName to your desired name.