When was the Liberal Party formed in Australia?

Why was the Australian Liberal Party formed?

The Liberal Party was formed during a series of conventions during and immediately after the Second World War. It was in effect a radically reorganised and rebranded version of the United Australia Party that had in recent years struggled to gain and hold government.

When was the Liberal Party in power?

Liberal Party (UK)

Liberal Party
Founded 9 June 1859
Dissolved 2 March 1988; reconstituted 1989
Merger of Whigs Radicals Peelites Independent Irish Party
Merged into Liberal Democrats

Who founded the Liberal Party in Australia?

The Coalition has been in power since the 2013 federal election, forming the Abbott (2013–2015), Turnbull (2015–2018) and Morrison Governments. The Liberal Party has a federal structure, with autonomous divisions in all six states and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

When was the Liberal Democrats formed?

March 3, 1988
Либеральные демократы/Дата основания
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