What is the smallest suburb in Australia?

According to figures from the Geographical Names Board, the smallest geographical suburb is Englorie Park in Sydney’s south-west. In 2000 the suburb was separated from Campbelltown and designated as a suburb. According to 2011 census data, it hosts just 376 people in 158 houses.

What’s the smallest suburb in Australia?

You see blue chip Henley, thought to be Australia’s smallest suburb by sq m, offers pretty much all a homeowner could ever want: water views, a beachy lifestyle, serenity, and privacy but with easy access to shopping, other amenities, public transport and the city. Australia’s smallest suburb offers an ideal lifestyle.

What is the smallest suburb in Melbourne?

Gardenvale takes the top spot for what is the smallest suburb in metropolitan Melbourne. It is only 26 hectares, but don’t let that fool you. This is one of the most liveable suburbs based on the latest research as it is close to both the coast and the city.

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What is the smallest suburb in the world?

Hum, with its 30 inhabitants, is the smallest town in the world. It is located in the heart of Istria in the Municipality of Buzet.

What is the smallest suburb in Victoria?

Ranked 16. At just 26 hectares, Gardenvale is Melbourne’s smallest suburb. Squished between Brighton and Caulfield South, and coming in at No.

What’s the smallest suburb in Sydney?

According to figures from the Geographical Names Board, the smallest geographical suburb is Englorie Park in Sydney’s south-west.

What is Sydneys biggest suburb?

Holsworthy is physically the biggest suburb in Sydney, measuring around 190km².

What is the poorest suburb in Melbourne?

Burren Junction and Drildool are listed as the poorest suburbs according to the ATO, with the figures showing zero income. In fact, Aussies in the area lost $10,000 in income on average over the year.

What is the oldest town in Victoria?

Kilmore is reputedly Victoria’s oldest inland town. Over the past 40 years, as a result of quick access to Melbourne via the Hume Freeway, it has seen the population increase dramatically as it has become a commuter area for the city.

What is the oldest suburb in Melbourne?

Fitzroy was Melbourne’s first suburb, created in 1839 when the area between Melbourne and Alexandra Parade (originally named Newtown) was subdivided into vacant lots and offered for sale.

Where is the smallest town in Australia?

The smallest town in Australia is the quirky Cooladdi (Aboriginal meaning “Black Duck”), which is placed between Quilpie and Charleville in southwest Queensland. Coolidge is actually a ghost town and, even though it once had a population of 270, now it’s home to only four people.

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What’s the smallest city in Australia?

And I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to say I’ve visited, and spent the night in, Australia’s smallest town. Cooladdi is about 10 hours’ drive west of Brisbane — between Quilpie and Charleville in south-west Queensland — and is home to just three people.

Where is the smallest city?

Vatican City: the smallest city by geographical area

Surrounded entirely by the city of Rome, Vatican City is only 0.44 square kilometres in size (0.17 square miles). Though a historic walled-enclave, it only became an independent city-state in 1929.

Where should I not live in Melbourne?

So, which are the Melbourne suburbs to avoid? It seems the closer you are to the city, the more the crime rate rises. While these areas are largely safe during the day, the areas that have been ranked the least safe in Melbourne include Melbourne City, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Campbellfield and Docklands.

Which suburb is best to live in Melbourne?

The Best Suburbs to Live in Melbourne in 2020

  • South Yarra.
  • St Kilda.
  • Carlton.
  • Brunswick.
  • Footscray.
  • Fitzroy.
  • Richmond.
  • South Melbourne.

Is Geelong a suburb?

The City of Greater Geelong includes the suburbs and localities of Anakie (part), Armstrong Creek, Avalon, Balliang (part), Barwon Heads, Batesford (part), Bell Park, Bell Post Hill, Bellarine, Belmont, Breakwater, Breamlea (part), Ceres, Charlemont, Clifton Springs, Connewarre (part), Corio, Curlewis, Drumcondra, …