What can you send to Australia?

What items Cannot be sent to Australia?

No animals, birds or insects, cheese, eggs or milk (or products containing these), meat, meat products or poultry (canned or otherwise), semen, vaccines or cultures, honey, rawhide drums, trophies or any other parts of animal products should be sent to Australia unless prior permission has been obtained from the AQIS.

Can I send chocolates to Australia?

Re: Can I send chocolate to Australia? You can send anything … just be clear on the customs declaration what it is and you’ll be fine. Chocolate is not a problem generally.

Can I ship a gift to Australia?

When shipping to Australia, gifts are their own entity, and are not classed as personal effects. … Unfortunately, there is no duty or tax concession for sending gifts to Australia; this means that, regardless, your recipient will have to pay duties and taxes in order to clear the goods through Customs.

What food can I ship to Australia?

What Food Can I Send to Australia?

  • Store bought foods in the manufacturer’s original unopened packaging.
  • Food that has food labels that list all ingredients.
  • The expiry date has more than 6 months from the date of shipping.
  • There’s no alcohol, dairy, meat, poultry, fish or seafood ingrediants.
  • No homemade food.
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Can you post candles to Australia?

As long as they are undecorated wax and fragrance with no seed inclusions there will be no issue, as their wicks are lead free. If they are in original packaging all the better.

Can I post perfume to Australia?

Items cannot be posted through post boxes. … Aerosols, perfumes, aftershaves, nail varnish and lithium batteries separate from electronic goods will continue to be prohibited from postal shipments for international destinations for all consumer and business customers.

Can I post tea bags to Australia?

Herbal tea bags are allowed into Australia if: they are commercially prepared, packaged and labelled. the tea contains ingredients of plant origin only. all material in the tea is thoroughly dried.

Can you get Cadbury in Australia?

Picture: SBS/The Chocolate Factory: Inside Cadbury Australia. The venerable brand, founded in 1824, has a 65 per cent market share of chocolate in Australia, more than even its native UK.

Can I send gift to Australia from UK?

Send Gifts To Australia From UK, USA, NZ & Around The World

While you can ship a gift to Australia, it’s easier, faster, and more cost effective to order online with an Australian hamper gift delivery service.

What value of gifts can I send to Australia?

Value of Gift is AUD$1000.00 or less Gifts valued at AUD$1000.00 or less may be subject to Duty and/or GST. Passenger concessions are only available on goods for personal use and this does not include items gifted to the Australian Government.

How do I ship something to Australia?

The most common and cheapest way to ship items to Australia is via sea freight. Your boxes are loaded onto a share or sole-use shipping container; shared shipping container is the most economical option and ideal for shipments of anything less than a small home load.

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Can you send baked goods in the mail Australia?

Here’s what you need to know about sending brownies or other bakes. Is it legal? Sending food in the post isn’t a problem. … We checked in with Australia Post and they confirmed that shipping brownies and other perishables is fine, as long as they are packaged properly and meet state quarantine regulations.

Can you send food to Australia from US?

You must mark YES on your card to declare if you are carrying certain food, plant material or animal products. … Alternatively, you can voluntarily dispose of food, plant material or animal products in bins located in the terminal. Goods sent to Australia must be accurately described on the postal declaration label.

Can I send popcorn to Australia?

There are also some common gift items that are often sent to Australia in the holiday periods – such as Christmas – which you should know are banned. If you plan to send a gift like a hamper, they may not contain: Fresh Fruit. Popcorn Kernels.