What are my rights as a consumer in Australia?

The Australian Consumer Law sets out consumer rights that are called consumer guarantees. These include your rights to a repair, replacement or refund as well as compensation for damages and loss and being able to cancel a faulty service.

What are the 4 legal rights of a consumer?

In 1962, then US President John F Kennedy declared four basic consumer rights – the right to safety; the right to be informed; the right to choose and the right to be heard.

What are the 3 basic rights of a consumer?

The Consumer Bill of Rights pushed for by John F. Kennedy established four basic rights; the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard.

What are the rights for you as a consumer?

are of acceptable quality – the goods must be safe, lasting, have no faults, look acceptable and do all the things someone would normally expect them to do. … come with undisturbed possession, so no one has the right to take the goods away from or to prevent the consumer from using them.

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What are the 5 main consumer rights?

Consumer Rights Vs Responsibilities

Sl.No Rights
2 Right to Redress
3 Right to Safety
4 Right to Consumer Education/ Right to be Informed
5 Right to Choose

What is the 8 basic rights of a consumer?

The eight consumer rights are: Right to basic needs, Right to safety, Right to information, Right to choose, Right to representation, Right to redress, Right to consumer education, and Right to healthy environment.

What is the only condition under Australian Consumer Law where a customer is entitled to for a replacement or refund for a product they have received?

If the goods or service does not meet a consumer guarantee (e.g. where goods are not of acceptable quality), your customer has the right to ask for a refund, replacement or repair where: the goods or service is under $100,000.

What are the 6 consumer rights?

Rights of consumers: Six consumer rights have been defined in the Bill, including the right to: (i) be protected against marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property; (ii) be informed of the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods or services; (iii) be assured of …

What are 7 consumer rights?

(7) Right to Basic Needs:

It includes adequate food, clothing, shelter, energy, sanitation, health care, education and transportation. All the consumers have the right fulfil these basic needs.

Can you contract out of the Australian Consumer Law?

Any term in a contract which tries to limit or exclude consumers’ rights under the consumer guarantees will be void. This means that the business cannot rely on it to avoid providing consumers with a remedy. That is, contracting out of the guarantees is not permitted.

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Do you know your rights as a consumer?

As consumers, we have eight (8) basic rights and five (8) responsibilities. … These are the rights to basic needs; safety; information; choice; redress; representation; redress; consumer education, and a healthy environment.

What should a consumer do if he she has a complaint?

The first step should be to take your complaint directly to the business before you take other action. Often, the problem can be resolved quickly by doing do, so don’t forget to ask to “escalate” your call if the customer service representative is not helpful.