Quick Answer: Is it legal to carry a pocketknife in Australia?

In most states – including New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, and South Australia – it is illegal to carry a weapon, even for self-defense. This includes knives, which states consider dangerous articles or prohibited weapons. … If they find a weapon, they can take it from you”.

Is it illegal to carry a Swiss Army knife in Australia?

You can’t carry knives, including kitchen knives, Swiss army knives or box-cutters, batons, cattle prods or bayonets without a lawful excuse. A ‘lawful excuse’ could include having the weapon for work, sport, recreation or a weapons collection, display or exhibition. Lawful excuse does not include self-defence.

What happens if you get caught with a knife in Australia?

A person guilty of a charge of having custody of a knife in a public place or school can face a criminal conviction, penalty of up to $2,200 fine and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years if dealt with by a Magistrate in the Local Court. See section 11C of the Summary Offences Act 1988 (NSW).

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Can you carry a Swiss Army knife Qld?

It is a reasonable excuse to physically possess a knife to perform a lawful activity, duty or employment; to participate in a lawful entertainment, recreation or sport, for exhibiting the knife or for use for a lawful purpose. … a person may carry a pen knife or swiss army knife for use for its normal utility purpose.

Are Bowie knives legal in Australia?

Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent, but yes, Bowie knives are perfectly legal as long as you have a good reason for possessing it in a public place.

What knife Can I legally carry?

Types of Knives You Can Typically Legally Carry

Knives that are usually legal to carry almost anywhere include multi-tool devices, Swiss Army knives, and utility knives, and knives with blades that are shorter than 2.5 inches.

What size knife is legal to carry in NSW Australia?

Australia is one of the strictest countries when it comes to knife regulations. Think of it this way, the US and UK let their citizens carry small pocket knives for as long as they are less than three inches long while Australia does not offer this kind of exception.

Is carrying a knife a crime?

Knife crime is crime involving a knife. It’s a crime to threaten someone with a knife or carry a knife as a weapon in a robbery or burglary. Police can search you if they think you’re carrying a knife. Some knives are offensive weapons and are banned in public places.

What knives are illegal in Australia?

Concealed blades are items that don’t look like a weapon at all, such as a walking stick, a pen or an umbrella, with a knife, blade or spike hidden inside. You aren’t allowed to bring any of these items with a concealed blade into Australia.

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Can you carry a knife for self defense?

While it’s entirely legal to carry a pocket knife for self-defense, using it recklessly is illegal, and can lead to serious legal problems. As such, you should avoid drawing and using the knife unless it is absolutely necessary.

Can I carry a pocket knife in Melbourne?

As per the relevant legislative provision (Section 6(1) Control of Weapons Act 1990 VIC) – It is illegal for any person to possess, carry or use a controlled weapon (this includes a pocket knife) without a lawful excuse. ‘Lawful excuse’ does not include self defence.

What is a reasonable excuse to carry a knife?

The reasonable excuse must be established ‘on the balance of probabilities’; in other words, that it was more likely than not. The section makes clear that a reasonable excuse does not include having custody of the knife solely for the purpose of self-defence or the defence of another person.

Is it legal to carry a pocket knife?

Carrying a knife can be considered as an offence against public tranquillity which is liable to be punished under IPC and the person might be directed to implement a peace bond under CRPC.

Is a trainer butterfly knife illegal in Australia?

In Australia, balisongs are generally classified as a prohibited weapon, which requires a special legitimate excuse to possess it.

Can you take a knife camping?

The most common reason campers wonder, ‘are camping knives legal? ‘ is because they know a blade is an essential tool in the wilderness. In most situations, an average kitchen knife should suffice for food preparation, and so long as you have a tent, you can demonstrate that it’s for camping and food prep.

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