Frequent question: Which country is most culturally similar to Australia answers com?

No matter how you tinker with the weights, Canada and New Zealand end up being among the countries most similar to Australia. Switzerland and the UK, too, are quite similar to us.

What country is most culturally similar to Australia?

Top 10 Places Most Similar to Australia

  • New Zealand is by far the most similar country to Australia. …
  • United Kingdom originally founded Australia, so it is no wonder that they are high on this list as well. …
  • Canada is another former British colony similar to Australia, so they also share similar politics and culture.

Which country is most culturally similar to Australia apex?

Culturally it could be argued that the UK is the most similar country to Australia. This is because a lot of people in Australia can trace their ancestry there. Culturally it could be argued that the UK is the most similar country to Australia.

Which country is most culturally similar to Indonesia?

Malaysia is highly similar to Indonesia, since the countries both practice Islam and speak mutually intelligible languages.

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What 2 countries are most alike?

There were some differences in the two studies’ findings. “The World at 7:00” found the U.S. and Canada were the two countries most alike in terms of experiences. In the current study, the U.S. and Australia were most alike.

Which country is Australia closest to?

Australia lies between the Pacific and Indian oceans. It is the largest island – and one of the largest countries – in the world. Its closest neighbours are New Zealand to the east and Papua New Guinea to the north.

Is Australia similar to USA?

Originally Answered: What are the similarities between Australia and America? They are surprisingly similar, we are a mixed population, mostly based on immigrants and their descendants, we both speak English (well sort of), and we’re both robust democracies with similar Laws and culture.

What country is similar to New Zealand?

Australia is by far the most similar country to New Zealand. Both are former British colonies with similar politics and culture. Australia even asked New Zealand to be one of its states when it was formed.

Why are Canada and Australia similar?

Both countries achieved independent Dominion status within the British Empire (Canada in 1867, Australia in 1901) as federations of former British colonies, and their parliamentary structures of federal government are comparable. … Their economies have depended on substantial immigration.

What countries are like Singapore?

Taiwan, like Singapore, is a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean with mostly ethnic Chinese people. They also have a similar standard of living.

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Which country culture is similar to India?

The country is.. Mauritius! Mauritius has so much resemblance to India that you would find it hard to believe that it isn’t a part of the Indian subcontinent or even Asia! Mauritius is an East African island nation situated in the Western Indian Ocean.

What country is similar to Philippines?

Indonesia’s geography is very similar to the Philippines. It is also composed of densely populated tropical islands. Their people have relatively similar demographics and standard of living.

Which countries are the most culturally similar?

On a general level, France, Italy and Spain are similar nations. They are neighboring Western European nations whose cultures, languages, and social identities share many similarities. The French, Italians, and Spanish have a similar approach to life and value the same types of qualities.

Which country is similar to China?

There are few countries with similarity to China, except for Vietnam, Taiwan, and North Korea. Vietnam is quite similar politically and shares a lot of the same culture, despite speaking a completely different language. Taiwan is pretty much just a more developed and democratic version of China.

Which countries are very similar?

No two countries are more similar than Austria and Germany. Denmark and Norway are very similar too, but Denmark is more liberal while Norway is surprisingly conservative (relatively speaking, it’s still pretty liberal really). Cuba and Puerto Rico???? Sweden and Finland.