Does a refund have to be on the same card Australia?

What is refund fraud? … To protect your business from fraudulent refund activity, you must always process a refund to the same card that was used for the original sale. This is a clause within the CommBank Merchant Agreement.

Do you have to use the same card for a refund?

If your credit card or debit card number has changed, but is for the same account used at the time of purchase (e.g., a new card has been issued for the same account), the refund will be processed to that account.

Can a refund be made to a different debit card Australia?

The thing that must be remembered is that a refund against a debit card will not be made against the debit card itself, but against a bank account. … If the account charges a transaction charge for using a debit card then it may charge separately for the refund.

Can you get a refund on a different card?

Most retailers make the credit card refund process straightforward. You will need the receipt and the credit card used to make the original purchase. … The retailer will not be able to give you cash or make the refund to a different credit or debit card.

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What happens if a refund goes to an old card?

The bank will realize that the card number is no longer valid, but will see the account it’s tied to, at which point the refund should be transferred to the new card number/account automatically. … The bank will reject the refund to the outdated card, and the funds will be returned to our payments processor.

Will a refund go through on a Cancelled debit card?

Key Takeaways. If your debit card is canceled, your refund will deposit into your bank account. As long as your bank account is open, canceling your debit card should not affect how you receive your refund.

Can your refund policy state no refunds?

A product has a major problem when: it would stop someone from buying it if they’d known about it. it’s unsafe. it’s significantly different from the sample or description.

Can money be refunded to a Visa debit card?

Could you get your money back? If you’ve paid with a Visa credit, debit or pre-paid card and your purchase has gone wrong, you may be entitled to ask for a refund.