Quick Answer: How much does it cost to fly from Brisbane to Fiji?

Can I fly to Fiji from Brisbane?

Flights from Brisbane(BNE) to Fiji from $400*

How long does it take to fly to Fiji from Brisbane?

Flight time from Brisbane to Nadi is 3 hours 30 minutes.

What is the cheapest way to get to Fiji?

The cheapest way to visit Fiji is via a stopover from the Round-the-World ticket. However, if you’re not planning on doing that, you should try to visit Fiji while in Australia. Fiji has various local airports and one international airport in Nadi, so either way, you have to fly to Nadi first.

Can you fly straight to Fiji?

Fiji currently has moderate travel restrictions in place. You can travel there, but you’ll have to quarantine on your return. You may also be required to take a COVID-19 test on or before your arrival. … Currently, there are no airlines that fly direct to Fiji.

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Is Fiji expensive for tourists?

Fiji is an expensive country to travel around – even for travelers who are budget-savvy. … There are dorm rooms throughout the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, and even though some of these are called resorts, they are cheap in the scheme of Fiji accommodation.

How much does it cost to quarantine in Fiji?

The charges will include the cost of accommodation and meals, which will be directly payable to the quarantine facilities. These charges will depend on the quarantine facility and will average around $2,200 for the entire 14-day quarantine.

What is the best time to visit Fiji?

The best time to Fiji for clear blue skies is from May through to September. October through to April make up the wet season which is also the time of year most at risk of cyclone. However, it is also when you’re going to have the highest temperatures seen throughout the year.

Is Fiji close to Australia?

Fiji is located near Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. Fiji is a country and an archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean and is part of the continent of Oceania.

Which airlines fly from Brisbane to Fiji?

Three airlines offer direct flights from Brisbane to Nadi: Fiji Airways. Qantas. Virgin Australia.

How much money do you need for a week in Fiji?

So, a trip to Fiji for two people for one week costs on average FJ$4,343 ($2,041). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. A vacation to Fiji for one week usually costs around FJ$2,171 for one person.

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What can you do in Fiji for 5 days?

Overview: 5-Day Adults-Only Itinerary for Fiji

  • Day 1 – Nadi International Airport to the Mamanuca Islands.
  • Day 2 – Mamanuca Islands.
  • Day 3 – Mamanuca Islands to the Yasawa Islands.
  • Day 4 – Yasawa Islands.
  • Day 5 – Yasawa Islands to Nadi International Airport.
  • See the full itinerary: Fiji Adults-Only Itinerary: 5 Days.

What airline flies to Fiji?

Which airlines fly to Fiji? Fiji Airways, Qantas Airways & American Airlines fly the most frequently from the United States to Fiji.

How long is flight from Australia to Fiji?

Flying time from Sydney, Australia to Fiji

The total flight duration from Sydney, Australia to Fiji is 4 hours, 28 minutes.

Do I need a visa for Fiji?

Tourist visas

Fiji’s borders are closed to tourists. In normal times, you don’t need a tourist visa for Fiji. If your stay is less than 4 months, authorities will issue a visa when you arrive. To get a visa on arrival, you must show proof of booked accommodation and a return ticket.

How do you get to Fiji from Australia?

Fiji Airways: Depart from Sydney and Brisbane direct to Nadi daily and from Melbourne five days per week. Flying time from Melbourne is approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes. Air New Zealand: Only a 3 hour direct flight from Auckland, connecting flights are also available from all major cities in Australia.