Question: How do I get from Melbourne to Sydney?

Are buses running from Melbourne to Sydney?

We compare all available buses departing from Melbourne and arriving in Sydney and show you the exact stops, all travel times, and of course the best ticket prices.

Facts about the bus from Melbourne to Sydney.

Cheapest Bus $24.95
Distance 443.4 miles
Bus Companies Firefly Express, Greyhound Australia

Is there a train service from Melbourne to Sydney?

Taking Melbourne to Sydney train is definitely one of the most comfortable ways to travel between the two largest cities in Australia. It will take you from Melbourne station to Sydney Station in around 12 hours by a regular intercity train, and in approximately 11 hours by a comfortable night train.

How much does it cost to train to Sydney from Melbourne?

The best way to get from Melbourne to Sydney without a car is to train which takes 11h 17m and costs $75 – $250.

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Is the XPT train running from Melbourne to Sydney?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Southern Cross and arriving at Central Station station. Services depart once daily, and operate every day. … Melbourne to Sydney train services, operated by XPT, depart from Southern Cross station.

How much is the bus trip from Melbourne to Sydney?

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses 3
Minimum Price $75
Average Ticket Price $90
Minimum Trip Duration 12h
Average Bus Trip Duration 12h

Can you use myki in Sydney?

Can I use my myki card on Sydney’s public transport? No. They use a different card called an Opal.

Is the overland train still running?

The Overland service between Melbourne and Adelaide will run again in 2021 as QANTAS announces partnership with rail travel operator Journey Beyond. … The Overland has been suspended since March, due to COVID-19 border closures, and its future was uncertain after funding was withdrawn by the South Australian government.

How far apart are Melbourne and Sydney?

The total driving distance from Sydney, Australia to Melbourne, Australia is 545 miles or 877 kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Sydney, Australia to Melbourne, Australia is 444 miles. This is equivalent to 714 kilometers or 385 nautical miles.

Is it worth driving from Melbourne to Sydney?

Melbourne to Sydney Coastal Route, Australia

One of the best drives you can do in Australia has got to be the Melbourne to Sydney road trip. There is the practical benefit – that you get between the country’s two largest cities without having to worry about the logistics of a flight.

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Is it cheaper to fly or drive from Melbourne to Sydney?

If you have a travelling party who can share the fuel cost, driving will usually be the cheaper method of travel. Driving will nearly always take longer than flying, so if you just want to get to your destination without fuss, flying is probably your best bet.

Does XPT have sleepers?

The XPT’s that operate the Sydney to Melbourne and Melbourne to Sydney trains feature two power cars (locomotives) at each end of the train separated by five passenger carriages – one sleeper car (with cabins used as First Class seats on daytime journeys), one First Class seating car, one combined First Class seating …

What is the difference between first class and economy on the XPT?

regional-train First Class seats

Book a seat.

What is XPT train?

Introduced to service in 1982 the XPT, short for “express passenger train”, has an aerodynamic design and travels between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Dubbo, Grafton and Casino.

Is there WIFI on XPT trains?

There is no wifi available on board.