Is North or South Perth better?

While the north is considered the livelier place to live, the south is also home to lively precincts, like Fremantle and Victoria Park which are popular activity centres. Traditionally, south of the river is popular among families with there being greater schooling options and parklands.

Is North Perth better than South Perth?

“The north has an older housing stock, higher density, greater heritage, and a more vibrant nightlife with Northbridge, North Perth, Leederville and Mt Lawley all being popular activity centres (whereas) the south has larger blocks, more parkland and schools and a quieter residential feel.”

Is North Perth a good area?

“Vibrant inner suburb with great cafes, parks and a diverse demographic” There is so much to love about North Perth. … There are great amenities such as a shopping centre, beautiful parks, Beatty Park Aquatic Centre. The area is serviced by heaps of bus routes making it easy to get around.

Is South Perth a good place to live?

“Bounded by the picturesque Swan River in the north and east, the suburb’s proximity and accessibility to Perth makes it a highly attractive place to live and visit.” South Perth’s unique riverside location and close proximity to the CBD sets it up as a highly sought-after location in Perth’s property scene.

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Where should I not live in Perth?

Perth’s least safest suburbs

  • Midvale 241 reported incidents.
  • Burswood 309 reported incidents.
  • Perth (WA) 1332 reported incidents.
  • Midland 728 reported incidents.
  • Mandurah 947 reported incidents.
  • Wellard 348 reported incidents.
  • Fremantle 731 reported incidents.
  • Armadale 1216 reported incidents.

Is Cottesloe North or South?

Cottesloe is a western suburb of Perth, Western Australia, within the Town of Cottesloe.

What is the richest suburb in Perth?

Home to some of Perth’s finest mansions, Dalkeith is an affluent western suburb of Perth that basks in breathtaking views of the Swan River.

  • Dalkeith is Perth’s most expensive suburb. …
  • Cottesloe is a perennial fixture on the most expensive suburbs list. …
  • The apartments which adjoin Claremont Oval. …
  • Generic beach pic.

What are the bad suburbs of Perth?

In terms of crime, the more dangerous suburbs are places like Armadale, Balga, Midvale and Burswood. Places with lower crime rates include Floreat, Dalkeith and Illuka. The places with the lower crime rates are coastal, whereas the higher crime rates are more inland. Perth has wide variety of areas.

Is Perth Australia boring?

The most boring city in the world. The shopping area is just awful. Get out of the city as fast as possible and head south. Much better down there.

Is maylands a bad area?

The worst parts of Maylands can be captured in the homelessness, poverty and other social issues that permeate the area. … Maylands does experience a significant homelessness issue however, with many people moving from remote and inner city areas to access emergency food, accommodation and medical facilities close-by.

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Is balga a bad suburb?

Using WA Police’s September quarter data of assaults, burglaries, car thefts, the website shows Balga as the 13th worst suburb for crime in Perth, with 7.1 crimes per 100 residents over the past year, including 318 home burglaries, 216 assaults and 74 car thefts.

Why is Peppermint Grove so expensive?

“Because there is a limited supply of properties in Peppermint Grove because of its size, demand remains high, which ensures that prices also remain higher than average.

Is South Perth expensive?

South Perth

South Perth rounds out the list of Perth’s most expensive suburbs. Its median marginally declined by 0.2 per cent in the 12 months to July 2020, taking the figure to $1.25 million.

Is South Perth a good investment?

If you believe the trend will shift this way, a suburb such as this one may be a worthy investment. This will likely have to be a very long-term investment if you want to see substantial growth/ROI. South Perth has a population of 12,048 with 33.21% being tenants.

Where should I live in WA?

Where to live in Western Australia

  • Dawesville. 5/5. Ranked 1st best suburb in Western Australia. …
  • Pemberton. 4.5/5. Ranked 2nd best suburb in Western Australia. …
  • Gelorup. 4.5/5. Ranked 3rd best suburb in Western Australia. …
  • Halls Head. 4.5/5. …
  • South Yunderup. 4.5/5. …
  • Willagee. 4.5/5. …
  • Dalkeith. 4.5/5. …
  • Iluka. 4.5/5.