Is Melbourne closer to Antarctica than Darwin?

TIL Melbourne is closer to Antarctica than it is to Darwin.

Is Australia the closest country to Antarctica?

The nearest countries to Antarctica are South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. On Antarctica there are no cities or villages, 98% of the continent is covered by ice.

Where is Antarctica compared to Australia?

You will find it south of the Antarctic Circle at 66 degrees latitude. Antarctica covers the South Pole and is roughly twice the size of Australia. In the dark of winter the ocean around Antarctica also freezes which doubles its size.

How close are Australia and Antarctica?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Antarctica and Australia is 7,246 km= 4,502 miles.

Which continent is the closest to Antarctica?

South America is the closest continent to Antarctica. The closest point of South America is shared by Argentina and Chile. The Argentinian station Vice Comodoro Marambio is on the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. It’s only 1,238 km south of Ushuaia in Argentina.

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Which Australian city is closest to Antarctica?

Distance to Antarctica?

  • Cape Town: 3,811km.
  • Christchurch: 2,852km.
  • Hobart: 2,609km.
  • Punta Arenas: 1,371km.
  • Ushuaia: 1,131km.

What is the closest city to Antarctica?

Ushuaia: The Closest City to Antarctica

  • If you were to drive roughly 2,600 km south of Buenos Aires, you would come to the end of the mainland of Argentina. …
  • The arrival of man on the island of Tierra del Fuego is estimated to have occurred 10,000 years ago.

Is Antarctica flatter than Australia?

It covers the South Pole with a surface area approximately twice the size of Australia. … This is because the south pole and its ice covers a large piece of land and is much higher than the North Pole, which is a large flat piece of ice with no land that covers the ocean.

What is the closest country to the North Pole?

The Canadian territory of Nunavut lies closest to the North Pole. Greenland, the world’s largest island and an independent country within the Kingdom of Denmark, is also close to the pole.

What is the closest state to Antarctica?

South America, whose tip is shared by Chile and Argentina, is the closest continent to Antarctica. It is 774 miles (1238 km) from Ushuaia, the southern-most city of Argentina, to the Argentine station, Vice Comodoro Marambio, at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Is Melbourne close to Antarctica?

The total straight line flight distance from Antarctica to Melbourne, Australia is 3,912 miles. This is equivalent to 6 295 kilometers or 3,399 nautical miles.

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Is Australia closer to the north or south pole?

Distances from Australia

Australia is located 7,945.74 mi (12,787.43 km) south of the North Pole.

How long does it take to get from Melbourne to Antarctica?

Flying time from Melbourne, Australia to Antarctica

The total flight duration from Melbourne, Australia to Antarctica is 8 hours, 19 minutes.

How big is Antarctica compared to Australia?

At 14,200,000 square kilometres (5,500,000 square miles), it is the fifth-largest continent and nearly twice the size of Australia.

Which continent is closest to Australia?

With a total land area of 8.56 million square kilometres (3,310,000 sq mi), the Australian continent is the smallest, lowest, flattest, and second-driest continent (after Antarctica) on Earth.

Australia (continent)

Area 8,600,000 km2 (3,300,000 sq mi) (7th)
Population density 4.2/km2 (11/sq mi)
Demonym Australian/Papuan
Countries show 2

How do you get to Antarctica from Australia?

There are three ways you can reach Antarctica from Australia:

  1. Join an Antarctica cruise departing directly from Australia (Tasmania) or New Zealand.
  2. Fly to South America and join a cruise to Antarctica from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the continent OR.