How many suburbs are there in Melbourne?

There are 1025 suburbs in Greater Melbourne, some without postcodes, shared or names of railways stations.

What are the suburbs in Melbourne?


  • Carlton. Carlton is a lively suburb, well-known for the Italian cafes and restaurants of the Lygon Street Italian precinct. …
  • Docklands. Docklands became part of the City of Melbourne municipality in July 2007. …
  • East Melbourne. …
  • Kensington and Flemington. …
  • North Melbourne. …
  • Parkville. …
  • Port Melbourne. …
  • Southbank.

How many new suburbs are there in Melbourne?

Victoria is rezoning 12 new suburbs to potentially house up to 50,000 people to meet the demands of our increasing population.

What is the biggest suburb in Melbourne?

Reservoir is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 12 km north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Darebin. Reservoir is the largest suburb in Melbourne by land area.

How many suburbs are in Victoria Australia?

Melbourne’s 321 suburbs ranked for liveability.

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How many suburbs are there in Australia?

There are around 3,800 statistically reliable suburbs nationally, and RP Data has analysed the list to find the top suburbs for family living in a report commissioned by Aussie Home Loans.

What is the fastest growing suburb in Melbourne?

Pakenham located 54kms south-east of the CBD, has been one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Melbourne over the last 20 years. As a result of this popular suburb being built out, demand is now increasing for the new neighbouring suburb of Pakenham East.

What are the bad suburbs of Melbourne?

Hampton, Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne, Hawksburn, Abbotsford, Fitzroy and Collingwood were also more likely to be burgled compared to the state average. The risk of burglary is highest in country Victoria, with regional areas making up eight of the top 10 riskiest postcodes.

Which Melbourne suburb is best to live?

The 20 best Melbourne suburbs to live:

  • South Yarra – East.
  • Burwood.
  • Eltham.
  • Rowville – Central.
  • Fitzroy North.
  • Malvern – Glen Iris.
  • Glen Waverley – East.
  • Camberwell.

What is the oldest suburb in Melbourne?

Fitzroy was Melbourne’s first suburb, created in 1839 when the area between Melbourne and Alexandra Parade (originally named Newtown) was subdivided into vacant lots and offered for sale.

What is the smallest suburb in Melbourne?

Gardenvale takes the top spot for what is the smallest suburb in metropolitan Melbourne. It is only 26 hectares, but don’t let that fool you. This is one of the most liveable suburbs based on the latest research as it is close to both the coast and the city.

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How many Chinese are in Melbourne?

As a whole, Australian residents identifying themselves as having Chinese ancestry made up 5.6% of those nominating their ancestry at the 2016 census and numbered 1,213,903.


Capital city Population (2016 census) %
Melbourne 356,324 8.5
Brisbane 99,593 4.7
Perth 99,229 5.5
Adelaide 50,216 4.1

What is the safest suburb in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s safest suburbs are…

Ranking Melbourne’s safest suburbs
1 Oaklands Junction/ Yuroke
2 Melbourne Airport
3 Wattle Glen
4 Kangaroo Ground & South

Is Melbourne posh?

Melbourne is widely known as one of Australia’s most expensive cities to live in, following closely after Sydney. Median property prices don’t come close to those in Sydney, but after a dip in the market last year amid the state-wide Victorian COVID-19 lockdown, property prices have skyrocketed.

What is Melbourne’s most expensive suburb?

Toorak held its position as the most expensive suburb in the city with a staggering median sale price of $5m, despite a 9.1 per cent drop on the previous quarter. The data takes into account sales within the three-month period, so the median price can fluctuate if there are a raft of particularly big transactions.