Frequent question: Where can you swim in Perth?

Can you swim at the beaches in Perth?

Yes! It is very safe to swim in Western Australia. Australian’s love the beach, and most of our residential beaches are patrolled by surf lifesavers, with calm protected waters and very modern facilities. … But rest assured, those beaches are remote and well marked, and tourists are not on the menu, fish are!

Where can I go swimming in WA?


  • Green River Gorge.
  • Lake Cushman.
  • Devils Punch Bowl at Lake Crescent.
  • Dougan Falls.
  • Deschutes Falls Park.
  • Denny Creek.
  • Split Rock.
  • Nature Pool on Twin Falls Trail.

Can you swim in the Perth River?

The Swan River has some great swimming and picnic locations, that make a great alternative to a day at the beach on a hot summer’s day. … Find our favourite Swan River foreshores cafe, playground, picnic and swimming spots here. Bicton Baths. Bicton Baths is our favourite Swan River swimming and picnic spot.

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What is the nicest beach in Perth?

The Best Beaches In Perth

  • City Beach. Over the years City Beach has developed into a strong rival alongside Cottesloe and Scarborough as Perth’s most popular beach, and fair enough too. …
  • Coogee Beach. …
  • Scarborough Beach. …
  • Mettams Pool. …
  • Parakeet Bay (Rottnest Island) …
  • Port Beach. …
  • Peasholm-Floreat. …
  • Leighton Beach.

Where can you not swim in Australia?

Fraser Island (or K’gari) is located just off the Southeastern coast of Queensland, Australia, and is the number one most dangerous beach in the world. The island may have been inhabited by humans for over 5,000 years now, but it is an exceptionally dangerous place to go!

Where can I swim in Hillarys?

Hillarys Boat Harbour – based inside the protected waters of the harbour, this beach provides a safe swimming area for families with young children. Hillarys – is another popular, safe and accessible beach located north of the Hillarys Boat Harbour, with ample parking and picnic facilities.

Can you swim in Diablo Lake?

Yes (obviously not from the overlook). Before a bridge which crosses the southern spur of Diablo Lake, there is a camping ground at Thunder Knob Trailhead. Here you can access the water. A great place to swim and picnic.

Can you swim in Lake Crescent?

Yes, you can swim at Lake Crescent. Probably the best spot is at Fairholme Beach, near Fairholme Campground, boat rentals, a general store and café.

Can you swim in Snoqualmie River?

Snoqualmie River: McCormick Park

It’s definitely not somewhere you go to get away from it all, but it’s the perfect place for a picnic and a swim. In short, this spot is excellent for a day trip with a swim as the central activity — or a supplement to the range of goings-on in the region.

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Can you swim at Matilda Bay?

Matilda Bay Reserve is a popular social gathering spot providing a well groomed grassed foreshore with a stunning back drop of the Swan River. Located opposite the University of WA, between Hackett Drive and the Swan River, visitors can also enjoy canoeing, swimming, cycling or fishing.

Can you swim at Kwinana Beach?

Wells Park and Kwinana Beach is a family beach side paradise for playing and swimming the day away this summer. … Once you are warmed up and ready for a swim it’s just a a short walk (~100m) down to the beach. There are beautiful swimming spots both north and south of the boat ramp.

Can you swim in Freshwater Bay?

Freshwater Bay

A pebble beach situated under towering chalk cliffs, this stunning bay is great for swimming, boating and long brisk walks all year round. It is really easy to access the coastal path in both directions, either west to the Needles Headland and Tennyson Down or right towards Brook and Brighstone.

What the most popular beach in Perth?

Rivalling Scarborough Beach for Perth’s most popular beach, Cottesloe (or just Cott, as the locals call it), is the place to go when you want to make surfers, swimmers, kids and beachcombers happy.

Does Perth have nice beaches?

Perth is almost unfairly blessed with extraordinary beaches. Transparent blue water with astounding visibility meets sugary sand that seems to stretch on forever. Perth has more sunny days than any other capital city in the world. It has perfect beach-going weather and a population that happily obliges.

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Are Perth beaches windy?

Perth is the 2. windiest city in the world. And wind in the afternoon, also known as ‘Fremantle Doctor’ is normal for Perth.