Can you take food to Melbourne Zoo?

Can I bring my own food or picnic to the zoo? You are also most welcome to BYO picnic to the zoo. If you need to pop out to your car to get your picnic at lunchtime, make sure you let our friendly gate staff know so they can let you back into the zoo as your ticket will not work once it has been scanned.

Can you drink at the Melbourne Zoo?

No. Melbourne Zoo is a fully licensed venue which means that BYO alcohol is not permitted, but there are plenty of alcoholic drink options available for purchase from our food and drink vendors.

Is there a microwave at Melbourne Zoo?

Melbourne Zoo – Adjacent to Lakeside Bistro

3 private feeding rooms with 1 change station in each, 3 change stations, sink, microwave, kids play area and kids’ toilets.

Do you have to pay for parking at Melbourne Zoo?

Melbourne Zoo is located only minutes north of the city centre at Royal Park and is 20 minutes from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine). Car parking is $2 for a five hour ticket and is run by Melbourne City Council.

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Can you bring alcohol to Werribee Zoo?

No byo alcohol or glass but you’re welcome to bring as much food and non alcoholic beverages as you like.

Is Melbourne Zoo ethical?

For the most part I love visiting the zoo. Melbourne Zoo is one of three zoos managed by the not-for-profit organisation Zoos Victoria. Melbourne Zoo is large and beautiful, situated in the dusty-green bowl of Royal Park in Melbourne’s inner north. Last year it welcomed more than a million visitors.

How old is the Melbourne Zoo?

Melbourne Zoo was founded by the Zoological Society of Victoria in October 1857 prior to the zoo being established in its first location in Richmond. The society was renamed The Acclimitisation Society of Victoria in 1861 leading up to the Zoo opening in its current location in Royal Park in 1862.

Can you take food into Healesville Sanctuary?

No food or drink can be taken into experiences.

Does Melbourne Zoo have a parents room?

Our two parent’s rooms, The Pouch, located at front entrance and The Nest, located next to Sanctuary Harvest Cafe, provide all the essentials you need to handle a day out with small children. Each space provides privacy and quiet and are easily accessed during your visit.

Are there BBQS at Healesville Sanctuary?

Yes, Gas BBQ’s are available in the Sanctuary to use at your leisure or you can pre-order a gourmet picnic pack and barbeque in style!

Is Melbourne Zoo free on weekends?

Children under 16 receive FREE entry on weekends, Victorian public holidays and Victorian Government school holidays.

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How long does it take to go around Melbourne Zoo?

We are usually there about 3 – 4 hours but take lots of food with us. There is lots of walking and the kids do tire but you could be there much less time or longer. You can plan your day around what animals you all want to see.

How far is Melbourne Zoo from CBD?

From the CBD

Werribee Open Range Zoo is located 35 kilometres west of Melbourne’s city centre, on the Princes Freeway.

Can you get pass outs at Melbourne Zoo?

Yes, you can. When you want to go out to get your Esky, you can get a ‘pass out’ from the Zoo Worker at the entrance. Then, on your way in again, hand the Pass Out back to that person.

Does Werribee Zoo have BBQS?

BBQ Hire and Picnic Facilities

Hire the Chongola Hut or Cheetah BBQ Area for your Werribee Open Range Zoo visit! Just call 1300 966 784 to make arrangements.