Can you drive from Perth to Adelaide?

Travelling from Perth to Adelaide is one of the most epic road trips you undertake in Australia, but it’s also one of the longest. Covering a vast distance ranging from a minimum of 2700 kilometres if you take the quickest route, through to an even longer 3500 kilometres if you take the route I’ve laid out below.

Is it safe to drive from Adelaide to Perth?

Driving the 2,774km from Adelaide to Perth requires careful planning and preparation. As with most outback treks, a 4WD is the better option. It’s also advisable to avoid the peak temperatures of summer. That said, crossing the Nullarbor on the Eyre Highway has got to be one of the great Australian road trips.

How many days does it take to drive from Perth to Adelaide?

Perth to Adelaide Drive: 16 days.

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Where should I stop between Perth and Adelaide?

Ceduna. Next up on your road trip from Adelaide to Perth, follow the coast of South Australia north-west from Port Lincoln towards Ceduna. Along this spectacular stretch of coastline, you can stop off at any number of hidden coves and bays that extend for almost 400 kilometers along the peninsula.

Is the road from Adelaide to Perth sealed?

You can connect to this journey from Adelaide or Perth and drive west to east or east to west along the Eyre Highway. While this is a sealed road, it goes through remote areas and the trip requires thorough preparation. You should carry extra petrol and plenty of water and food.

Is there mobile coverage across the Nullarbor?

If it’s your first time crossing the country via the Nullarbor you might be surprised, as I was, to discover that there’s Telstra mobile phone coverage almost the whole way across.

How much does it cost to drive from Perth to Adelaide?

The total cost of driving from Adelaide, Australia to Perth, Australia (one-way) is $334.67 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $669.34 to go from Adelaide, Australia to Perth, Australia and back to Adelaide, Australia again. Regular fuel costs are around $4.99 per gallon for your trip.

Is there a speed limit on the Nullarbor?

The maximum speed limit on the Eyre Highway (A1) across the Nullarbor Plain is 110 KM. Just because this is desert and there are no civilisations around, don’t think that you can drive as fast as you can above the speed limit. There are highway patrols across the Nullarbor at various places.

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Where should I stay when crossing the Nullarbor?

Accommodation – best overnight stops on the Nullarbor

  • Fraser Range Station.
  • Wedgetail Inn Hotel.
  • Border Village Roadhouse.
  • Nullarbor Roadhouse.
  • Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park.

How long is the drive across the Nullarbor?

The road which people drive across the Nullarbor Plain is called the Eyre Highway. This stretch of road originally got its name from a man named John Eyre who crossed the Nullarbor in 1841. The Eyre Highway is approximately 1675km long and takes approximately two days to cross.

How long is the train from Perth to Adelaide?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Perth and arriving at Adelaide Parklands. Services depart once a week, and operate Sunday. The journey takes approximately 43h 50m.

How far is Perth to Adelaide by plane?

Flight distance from Perth to Adelaide (Perth Airport – Adelaide Airport) is 1317 miles / 2120 kilometers / 1145 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 2 hours 59 minutes.

How many roadhouses are on the Nullarbor?

There are 10 outback roadhouses dotted along a 910-kilometre stretch of the Eyre Highway — the only sealed road linking Western Australia and South Australia.

Is it safe to cross the Nullarbor?

Apart from a few roadhouses, all placed 200kms or so apart, the Nullarbor is one empty place. … The road is safe and a lot busier than you might think, but there’s definitely some things you should keep in mind when driving across the Nullarbor.

What is the best time to cross the Nullarbor?

There are multiple factors that influence this fact, so it is important to become educated on exactly why the winter is the best time for first time visitors to travel across the Nullarbor crossing.

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Where can I get fuel on the Nullarbor?

Fuel Stops – The Complete List

  • Ceduna. Next fuel: West = 47km (Penong)
  • Penong. Next fuel: West – 85km (Nundroo) …
  • Nundroo. Next fuel: West – 142km (Nullarbor Roadhouse) …
  • Nullarbor Roadhouse. Next fuel: …
  • Border Village Roadhouse. Next fuel: …
  • Eucla. Next fuel: …
  • Mundrabilla Roadhouse. Next fuel: …
  • Madura Shell Service. Next fuel: