Best answer: What are the best suburbs in Melbourne for families?

Where can I raise a family in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s 10 best family-friendly suburbs

Suburb Crime incidents
1 Diamond Creek 1,275
2 Doncaster East 2,695
3 Sandringham 2,739
4 Newport 3,287

Which suburb is best to live in Melbourne?

Fitzroy, Carlton and East Melbourne are the city’s most liveable suburbs, with the inner suburban haunts praised for being close to parks, shops, good schools and more. And trendy spots like Northcote, Footscray and Elwood also made Melbourne’s top 50 list, according to new liveability data.

Which suburbs in Melbourne have the best schools?

The 2019 Domain Liveable Melbourne study shows that the inner-city suburb of Fitzroy North is ranked first for its access to high-quality education. In the second spot is the inner North-West suburb of Travancore, followed by Croydon in the far North-East.

Where should a family live in Victoria?

The Best Family Suburbs in Melbourne

  • Doncaster East. Doncaster East is a corner of Melbourne’s north-east known for its safe, leafy streets, making it the perfect location for families. …
  • Coburg. …
  • Altona. …
  • Roxburgh Park. …
  • Macleod. …
  • Kingsville. …
  • Kew.
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Is Coburg a good suburb?

If you’re looking for a new home, Coburg could be the perfect place. With a more affordable property market than surrounding areas, and a diverse and historic charm – this is one of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs.

What is the safest suburb in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s safest suburbs are…

Ranking Melbourne’s safest suburbs
1 Oaklands Junction/ Yuroke
2 Melbourne Airport
3 Wattle Glen
4 Kangaroo Ground & South

Which side of Melbourne is better?

The Eastern region of Melbourne has better soils, drainage, rainfall, more trees and a more interesting topography generally; the West consists of flat plains formed by basalt flows 65 mya. Melbourne’s main river, the Yarra, runs through the East.

Where should I move in Melbourne?

Where are the best suburbs to live in Melbourne?

  1. St Kilda West. …
  2. Albert Park. …
  3. Port Melbourne. …
  4. Seaholme. …
  5. St Kilda. …
  6. Spotswood. …
  7. Williamstown. …
  8. South Melbourne.

What are the bad suburbs of Melbourne?

Hampton, Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne, Hawksburn, Abbotsford, Fitzroy and Collingwood were also more likely to be burgled compared to the state average. The risk of burglary is highest in country Victoria, with regional areas making up eight of the top 10 riskiest postcodes.

Where should I live in Melbourne 2020?

The Best Suburbs to Live in Melbourne in 2020

  • South Yarra.
  • St Kilda.
  • Carlton.
  • Brunswick.
  • Footscray.
  • Fitzroy.
  • Richmond.
  • South Melbourne.

Which is the best primary school in Melbourne?

Cannot find a school on this best schools list? Find it on Ratings or Compare Schools Page.

Order School ICSEA
1 Fintona Girls’ School,Balwyn,VIC,3103 1147
2 Beverley Hills Primary School,Doncaster East,VIC,3109 1165
3 Serpell Primary School,Templestowe,VIC,3106 1172
4 Oakleigh South Primary School,Oakleigh South,VIC,3167 1142
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Is Melbourne a good place to raise kids?

If you’re searching for a great city in Brevard County to raise your family, consider Melbourne. Life in this area is quiet, quaint, relaxed, and suitable for young professionals, retirees, and of course, families searching for plenty of divine living ahead.

What is the most populated suburb in Melbourne?

Here are the top twenty (20) most populated suburbs in Melbourne:

  • Melbourne – 41,473.
  • Richmond – 32,848.
  • St Kilda – 28,141.
  • Brunswick – 27,123.
  • South Yarra – 22,677.
  • North Melbourne – 22,086.
  • Prahran / Windsor – 21,391.
  • Carlton – 20,575.

What is the best place to live for families?

Our Rankings For The 10 Best Places to Raise A Family

Rank City, State Distinguishing Factor
1 Naperville, Illinois Highly ranked public schools
2 The Woodlands, Texas Elementary to college education
3 Arlington Virginia Family fun for all ages
4 Ann Arbor, Michigan Lowest median home price