Are Aussies good for first time owners?

This makes them a poor choice for first-time or timid owners. Like many herding dogs, Australian Shepherds are by nature loyal to their family but standoffish with strangers. They need early socialization — exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences — when they’re young.

Are Australian Shepherds hard to own?

A Little Bit About Australian Shepherds

Aussies are beautiful, intelligent, playful, and lots of fun! But they can also be challenging, especially for novice owners. They are very high-energy, and they can be stubborn and mischievous. When combined with their intelligence, that can make them a real handful!

Can Aussies be left alone for 8 hours?

They require plenty of attention. Being left alone for too long may cause the intelligent, energetic Australian Shepherd to create her own fun—often through destructive behaviors or barking. While an Aussie may be left home alone for four to six hours at a time, crate training may be necessary for the dog’s safety.

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Can Australian Shepherds be left alone during the day?

The bottom line

Australian Shepherds are bundles of fun, but they are also highly sensitive dogs. You should never leave an Aussie alone for more than four hours at a time, and try to make the most out of every day to prevent boredom and loneliness when they’re left to their own devices.

Are Aussies cuddly?

While Australian Shepherds can be very affectionate, loving, and cuddly dogs with their family members, they may not act the same way at all with someone they don’t know. This dog will enjoy snuggling with the people he trusts.

At what age do Australian Shepherds calm down?

Most Australian Shepherds should begin calming down at two years of age. At this point, they’re considered mature dogs who can better regulate their energy. That said, not all Aussies will tone it down at this age. It may take them reaching seniority for their energy to drop off.

What are good first time dogs?

Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

  • Shih Tzus. Shih tzus are spunky and oh-so-cute. …
  • Pugs. Pugs are consistently friendly, happy-go-lucky dogs with an adorable face. …
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. …
  • Whippet. …
  • Greyhound. …
  • Labrador Retriever. …
  • Golden Retriever. …
  • Bernese Mountain Dog.

What do I need to know before buying an Australian shepherd?

The ASCA Breed Standard describes the Aussie this way: “The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. He is and exceptional companion. He is versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm.

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How do I get my Australian shepherd to like me?

You can increase your bond with your Australian Shepherd by spending intentional time with activities like training, grooming, exercising, and playing. Learning more about your dog can help to improve your relationship. Keep in mind that Aussies can be very affectionate with their favorite person.

How much should I pay for an Aussiedoodle?

An Aussiedoodle from a reputable breeder will cost you anywhere between $1500 and $4500 with the average cost is $2,500. The more expensive Aussiedoodles will be mini or toy size with a tri-color coat.

Do Australian Shepherds need a backyard?

As medium-sized dogs with big personalities, Australian Shepherds are best suited to living in medium-large sized homes with some kind of outdoor space. That said, smaller homes and apartments aren’t necessarily a no-no, just as long as you can get them outside for toilet time and provide sufficient exercise and play.

How much time do you need to spend with an Australian shepherd?

You need to plan on spending 1 – 2 hours a day letting your best buddy get all his zoomies out. He will need to play catch or go on a walk to get out all of his energy. This is the ideal dog for a very active family. An Australian Shepard will not be happy stuck in an apartment all day.

Can you crate an Australian shepherd?

As a medium-sized dog, your Aussie will need a sufficiently-sized crate to be most comfortable. A standard size crate for an Australian Shepherd is around 42 inches in length and anywhere from 20 to 30 inches in height. This size of a crate will ensure that your Aussie has plenty of space to move around.

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Are Aussie doodles good pets?

The Aussiedoodle makes an excellent family dog, as long as smaller children know how to safely play with the pup. They are also incredible therapy dogs, given how quickly they bond to a specific human or two.

What dog breeds can be left alone for 8 hours?

Dog breeds that can be left alone for long periods include Labrador and Golden Retriever, Beagle, Peekapoo, or Shiba Inu. Naturally, by long-term periods, it’s implied that the period is up to 8 hours a day and not more.